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The diagnosis of a chronic disease in a child comes with an enormous amount of pressure on the caregiver. In order to support the family in providing optimal care, KIDoc is building a medical platform that provides streamlined communication with the medical team, increased treatment adherence and secured medical documents management.

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Chronic diseases in children

Raising a child with a chronic condition is both a challenging mission and an emotional roller coaster. While it is accompanied by a stronger sense of purpose, it also brings higher parental responsibilities, instinctive worry and increased level of stress. In a meta-analysis published in 2019 by Cohn et al. in Journal of Pediatrics, the authors suggest that parents of children with chronic conditions have higher levels of morbidity, including anxiety disorders, depression, cardiovascular diseases and even higher mortality, when compared to general population. 

Besides the inherent challenges of the situation, in a lot of communities parents also have to face social stigma, which unfortunately remains a reality for chronic disabilities. Stronger feelings of loneliness and self-doubt can only entail a suboptimal capacity to handle the child's medical care, which in turn can have significant effects on his wellbeing. 

children worldwide suffering from a chronic disease
(13-27% depending on the definition) 
parents reporting high levels of anxiety related to their child's condition

About KIDoc

In order to assist parents in their journey, we are building KIDoc, a platform designed by medical professionals and technical experts, tackling several aspects of care. 

KIDoc Together allows streamlined communication with the entire medical team looking after the patient, including medical doctors and, depending on the disease, other professionals, such as psychologists, kinesyotherapists on Speech and Language therapists. Additionally, KIDoc Together provides access to a dedicated parent community.

KIDoc Medication is a tool designed for treatment administration. By providing parents with quick and easy-to-understand guidelines, setting specific alerts and introducing gamification aspects, we aim to increase medication adherence and treatment efficiency overall. 

KIDoc Digital is a secure and easy-to-use platform for storage and exchange of medical documents. Since several countries have on-going processes of digitalization in the healthcare system, this can be a professional alternative to Electronic Health Records.

Besides the generic platform, we are building specialized toolkits for different pathologies with specific challenges. KIDoc Plus will include parameter measurements, such as glycemic values for diabetic children or seizure recordings for epileptic patients. The medication tool will also be tailored to their specific needs. 

Why now

When facing important threats, such as current pandemic, some medical systems decide to de-prioritize care for chronic patients

INCREASEd need of multi-disciplinary collaboration

Patients with chronic diseases, particularly children, need complex treatments, with frequently more than one specialist involved

higher number of chronically ill children 

Medical, surgical and technological advances decrease mortality, more patients live today with a chronic disability